African Tech Roundup is a Johannesburg-based media company which tracks the progress of Africa's emerging tech industry and delivers ecosystem-focussed analysis and insight.

We also play a key network mapping role which helps industry stakeholders gauge the nature and strength of the often indistinct interpersonal and inter-organisational relationships at play within the ecosystem.

Our flagship media properties are the African Tech Round-up podcast (hosted by Andile Masuku and Musa Kalenga), Quick (Tech) Chats podcast series and our syndicated African Tech Round-up Op-eds for the Independent Media Group (Business Report newspaper and African Independent magazine).

We are committed to delivering on the regional and international agenda-setting mandate we have assumed, and as such, you can rely on our candid, independent and insight-driven approach to media-making to steer clear of PR-soaked click-bait and overhyped tech chatter.

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