This is Africa, and we are we are a team of media makers and entrepreneurs with a nose for technology, digital and innovation news and insights that matter. We skim the froth— PR-soaked click-bait and consumer-driven tech chatter, to deliver truly useful insight-driven content.

Andile Masuku serves as Executive Producer, and we currently produce a handful of podcasts, namely, the African Tech Round-up, African Tech Conversations, and Quick (Tech) Chats, as well as convene the Annual (Tech) Round-up gathering— with more audio and video titles, events and conferences in the pipeline.

The African Tech Round-up podcast delivers all the week's technology, digital and innovation highlights from across the African continent and beyond, while the African Tech Conversations podcast features relaxed in-depth chats with leading entrepreneurs, innovators and thought-leaders who are intimately involved in Africa’s Information & Communications Technology scene.