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This is the second episode of the African Creative Business, Today (ACBT) capsule mini-series, which explores in-trench personal and professional realities at the intersection of creativity, business, and technological change.

In this podcast, Nigerian visual artist Ayanfe Olarinde talks about how her art journey emanated from personal scribbles grappling with imperfection and a quest for acceptance. Ayanfe exploits several mediums in her art, including ink, paint, wire, and discarded objects. Her scribbles, doodles, sculptures, paintings, digital art, upcycled artworks explore a broad range of social issues and matters of self-exploration. Her work has evolved to include photography and mixed media collages. More recently, she's started leaning into the global NFT art trend, which has helped grow her already impressive international profile.

Ayanfe's career highlights include being nominated for the Future Awards Prize for Arts in 2019, exhibiting solo at the 25th Bamako Encounters exhibition, being part of group exhibitions at SMO Contemporary Arts at the Wheatbaker, Retro Africa, AAF Lagos, Rele Gallery, Moeshen Art Gallery and Thoughts Pyramid, and having her work featured by Vogue, Konbini, RADR Africa, Reuters, CNN, NowThis News, Euro News, MSN among other outlets.

Editorial Disclaimer: African Creative Business, Today (ACBT) is a collaboration between African Tech Roundup and Ahmed Amine Azouzi's media production imprint, Qlam. This project's inaugural four-part capsule series is kindly supported by the BMW Foundation and the Segal Family Foundation.

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