The Big 100: State of the Startup LIVE

Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe on Android This is our 100th episode! To everyone who's ever listened in to the show, interacted with us via social media, »

Business Angels, Blackberry and Tech Bubbles

Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Android We're often asked what informs our opinionated take on the biggest tech and innovation headlines each week. Our secret is »

Kwesé TV Poised To Give DStv A Haircut

Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Android Africa's 'high-end' VOD scene is hotting up, and for home-grown heavies, ShowMax and Kwesé, the race to achieving critical mass »

Senegal Launches A New Electronic Currency

Subscribe on iTunes Senegal is now the second African country after Tunisia to adopt an electronic currency. eCFA is equivalent in value to the country’s »

Kenya Commercial Bank Gets Hacked?

Subscribe on iTunes So, Episode 80 of the African Tech Round-up, aka the episode that nearly never happened, is finally out. In an interview Andile Masuku »

64: African Spirit, American Spin

Subscribe on iTunes | Download MP3 It’s the 4th of July, and in honour of the fact that our biggest audience outside of Africa is based »

63: Kenya's Acquired by Trace TV

Subscribe on iTunes | Download MP3 One of the more surprising things that came out of a recent conversation Andile Masuku had with BT’s Managing Director »

62: Uber Domination

Subscribe on iTunes | Download MP3 Despite the considerable push-back Uber has experienced in certain African markets, the firm’s march towards utter and complete world domination »

56: What's The Big Deal With WiFi?

Subscribe on iTunes | Download MP3 Following our coverage last week of the partnership between VAST Networks and Ruckus Wireless to deliver on Africa’s largest single »

48: Vodacom Accused Of Stealing An Idea, Again!

Subscribe on iTunes | Download MP3 Vodacom is reportedly fielding a lawsuit filed by a South African company called Ndabenhle Business Enterprises CC. Word is, Ndabenhle is »

21: Evolution Of Mobile Phones, What's Next?

You probably remember how popular Nokia's 3310 device was when it launched back in 2000. Affectionately known as “Die Hard” by ardent fans, it was for »

Business Is About People With Oresti Patricios

Oresti Patricios co-founded Ornico Group in 1984. While incredibly disruptive in its time, the video reel production business Oresti operated back then is a far cry »