ATRUC S2 EP4: Can AI be trusted? with Jania Okwechime & Wessel Oosthuizen

Kate Byrne engages Wessel Oosthuizen and Jania Okwechime on the myths surrounding AI while reflecting on its impact in Africa.

ATRUC S2 EP4: Can AI be trusted? with  Jania Okwechime & Wessel Oosthuizen

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In this African Tech Conversations episode, guest host Kate Bryne chats with avid AI proponents Jania Okwechime (Partner at Deloitte - West Africa Data Analytics Leader) and Wessel Oosthuizen (AI Lead - Deloitte Analytics).

Listen in for deep insights about the pros and pitfalls of AI, and to grasp the profound potential impact AI might have on the Web3 universe as we build it out.

Click here (or on the microphone icon on the right of your screen) to leave us a 60-sec voice note with your reactions to any of the topics raised in the Conversation. (We will include some of your audio takes in future follow-up episodes.)

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Editorial Disclaimer: While the Celo Community Fund supports this African Tech Conversations episode, African Tech Roundup maintains complete editorial oversight. Opinions expressed by the host, Kate Bryne, and her guests do not necessarily reflect the views of the African Tech Roundup or the presenting sponsor, Celo Community Fund.

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