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Christiaan Steyn is the head of a new South African insuretech startup called MiWay Blink. In the second episode of this two-part conversation, Christiaan lets us in on developing an insuretech startup during a pandemic and building on the success of its incumbent parent company.

MiWay Blink was launched in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the thick of the COVID pandemic. In this instalment, Christiaan taps into the launch of MiWay Blink and how the culture of scaling what works and ditching what doesn't has proven to be the right formula. He further expands on how to navigate the corporate challenges and drawbacks that working with established boards can have on startups.  

Editorial Disclaimer: MiWay Blink is the presenting sponsor of this two-part podcast conversation. African Tech Roundup maintains complete editorial oversight, and opinions expressed by the podcast host, Andile Masuku, do not necessarily reflect the views of the presenting sponsor, MiWay Blink.


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