13: Nest.vc Launches In Africa

13: Nest.vc Launches In Africa

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Everyone loves a good love story. Especially when things go according to plan: start-up founder meets venture capitalist with deep pockets, tons of real-world experience, great contacts and, of course, a tried and tested system for navigating to success.

For most African tech startups who have been financed by Africa's leading venture capital funds, this idyllic scenario could not be further from reality.

Exclusive to the African Tech Round-up, Hong Kong’s only private, full service startup accelerator, Nest, has revealed its plans to ride into Africa's startup funding scene like a knight in shining armour to "make an impact" by sweeping pretty damsels (aka promising startups) off their feet. They are poised to launch their Africa business by setting up offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Listen in to hear Nest's Africa Managing Partner, Aaron Fu, tell us what he and his team plan to offer investable prospects on the continent by way of finance, expertise and other key elements of startup support.

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