UNAJUA S5 E2: Can technology disrupt Nigeria's open drug markets? feat. Vivian Nwakah

How do you use technology to transform a paper-based healthcare system to provide more transparency and accountability? Medsaf co-founder Vivian Nwakah weighs in.

UNAJUA S5 E2: Can technology disrupt Nigeria's open drug markets? feat. Vivian Nwakah
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

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In this UNAJUA episode, Vivian Nwakah offers insight into the dynamics of Nigeria's open drug markets. Vivian highlights the counterintuitive ways that drug regulation affects the supply-side logistics of local and international drug producers. She believes that the intelligent use of technological solutions in the supply process will allow for medications to be sourced and distributed more safely and reliably.

Vivian Nwakah is the co-founder & CEO of Medsaf, an enterprise pharma supply chain startup based in Lagos, Nigeria. Vivian is a serial entrepreneur and strategist and whose accolades include recognition by Forbes, the British Royal Family, and the Women in Africa Initiative.

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