UNAJUA S5 E1: What is the current state-of-play in Nigeria's healthcare sector? feat. Vivian Nwakah

Nigerian pharma supply chain startup founder, Vivian Nwakah, offers insights into how technological innovation might revolutionise Nigeria's healthcare sector.

UNAJUA S5 E1: What is the current state-of-play in Nigeria's healthcare sector? feat. Vivian Nwakah
Photo by Wengang Zhai / Unsplash

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In this UNAJUA series opener, Vivian Nwakah breaks down Nigeria's healthcare scene—highlighting the size of the sector as well as the disparity of healthcare access between the rich and less well off.

Vivian Nwakah is the cofounder & CEO of Medsaf, an enterprise pharma supply chain company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Vivian is a serial entrepreneur and strategist and whose accolades include recognition by Forbes, the British Royal Family, and the Women in Africa Initiative.

In this episode, Vivian addresses the following questions:

  1. How big is Nigeria's healthcare sector?
  2. What does the scene look like for grassroots level
  3. How are tech startups like Medsaf attempting to usher in a new paradigm in Nigeria's pharmaceutical industry?
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JOURNAL: The Nigerian health care system: Need for integrating adequate medical intelligence and surveillance systems by Menizibeya Osain Welcome (Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences)

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