UNAJUA S8 EP1: How are African artists using tech to stand out in a crowded global field? feat. Yaw Asamani

Ghanaian music tech entrepreneur Yaw Asamani unpacks how Africans are using tech to put their stamp on the global music scene.

UNAJUA S8 EP1: How are African artists using tech to stand out in a crowded global field? feat. Yaw Asamani
Photo by Budgeron Bach from Pexels

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In this music tech-themed UNAJUA series, Yaw Asamani taps his live industry experience to explore how African artists are using a plethora of social and technological platforms to find their voices, build audiences and monetise their art. Listen in to learn how the streaming era has ushered in lucrative opportunities for African artists to develop and dominate niche audiences and serve loyal international fan bases.

Yaw Asamani is a music tech entrepreneur. Yaw previously founded DooWapp, an app for adding playable song lyrics to messages and posts—think musical emojis. He was also formerly MD at Airbit, a leading Marketplace for selling beats online. He has recently founded and leads Bawse, a pre-launch platform looking to empower DIY artists, creators and music executives.

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