UNAJUA S8 EP3: Can streaming help 'David' take on 'Superstar'? feat. Yaw Asamani

Yaw Asamani is bullish on streaming helping little music acts go big worldwide.

UNAJUA S8 EP3: Can streaming help 'David' take on 'Superstar'? feat. Yaw Asamani
Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande / Unsplash

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In the third and final episode of this music industry-themed UNAJUA series featuring Yaw Asamani, Yaw takes sets out the pros and pitfalls of music streaming and outlines the potential for smaller artists to enter the orbit of some of the world's biggest musical acts. Yaw reckons that the music industry is the cornerstone of the current global 'creator economy' boom—a trend he expects to expand even further.

Yaw Asamani is a music tech entrepreneur. Yaw previously founded DooWapp, an app for adding playable song lyrics to messages and posts—think musical emojis. He was also formerly MD at Airbit, a leading Marketplace for selling beats online. He has recently founded and leads Bawse, a pre-launch platform looking to empower DIY artists, creators and music executives.

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