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This week's African Tech Round-up is dedicated to sharing insights gleaned from the recent Internet of Things World Forum hosted in London. The global IT and networking giant, Cisco, convened the invite-only gathering to facilitate dialogue among key stakeholders and innovators in business, government and academia and to “bring industry leaders together to collaborate, network, partner and solve the challenges facing IoT”.

To ascertain how the trend towards IoT adoption is likely to impact African enterprises and citizens alike we caught up with Dimension Data’s global director for the Internet of Things, Anton Jooste, David Meads, who heads up Cisco’s Africa business, Prathap Dendi, who is the general manager for emerging technologies at the application performance management and IT operations analytics start-up, AppDynamics, as well as Alan Griffiths of Cambashi-- an analyst specialising in industrial IoT, cloud computing, and their effect on the technical software applications market.