39: Netflix & Buffering (Featuring Emeka Okoye and Aaron Fu)

39: Netflix & Buffering (Featuring Emeka Okoye and Aaron Fu)

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We hope you’ve had a restful break, and that your return to the office hasn’t been too jarring.

As for us, we’re just loving this trend of brilliant Africans crashing our podcast recordings.

This week, Nigerian software engineering heavyweight, Emeka Okoye, literally walked into the room as Tefo Mohapi and Andile Masuku were chatting about about how Africa seemed to be responding to Netflix’s surprise roll-out of its service to pretty much every corner of the planet.

Be sure to listen in to hear Emeka share his thoughts on the impact (or lack thereof) that Neflix’s entry into the Nigerian video-on-demand market is likely to have.

Then, in place of our regular discussion segment this week, we’ll be sharing an interesting chat Andile had with Aaron Fu, Managing Partner (Africa) at NEST— recorded when he and Tefo hung out with him during his first proper visit to Johannesburg recently.

They talked about everything from what he’s personally looking forward to in 2016 to what strikes his fancy in his professional capacity as the head of a leading VC firm on the continent.