UNAJUA S6 EP2: How might insuring Africa drive broad socioeconomic impact? feat. Henry Mascot

Insuretech founder, Henry Mascot suggests how clever tech might help Africa's growing population capture and utilise the benefits provided by the insurance industry.

UNAJUA S6 EP2: How might insuring Africa drive broad socioeconomic impact? feat. Henry Mascot
Photo by Moja Msanii / Unsplash

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In this UNAJUA episode, Henry Mascot highlights the untapped gains of Africa's insurance market. Henry suggests how technology might fuel social and economic development and offer insight into how the insurance industry is already proving to be a driver of economic growth. Finally, he touches on three innovative ways that technologies like data analytics and artificial intelligence are currently being used to cover Africa's insurable risks.

Henry Mascot is the founder and CEO of Curacel, a Pan-African insurance technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to power claims processing and fraud management. Henry was previously growth executive at Amplified Payment Systems (acquired by OneFi; formerly Carbon) and is an angel investor in the crypto trading platform, Roqqu. Curacel recently secured $450,000 in pre-seed funding, with Consonance Investment Managers and Atlantica Ventures being the two leading investors.

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