UNAJUA S9 EP3: Noteworthy African Web3 Plays feat. Michael Kimani

Michael Kimani unpacks trending commercial growth opportunities spurring entrepreneurial innovation in Africa's nascent Web3 space.

UNAJUA S9 EP3: Noteworthy African Web3 Plays feat. Michael Kimani

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This is the third and final instalment of our three-part Web3-themed UNAJUA series featuring Kenyan blockchain enthusiast, data wrangler and entrepreneur Michael Kimani.

On this podcast, Michael will draw on his live industry experience to offer examples of Web3 plays in Africa worth keeping an eye on, and he'll hint at trends in the space that he's backing with his own time, effort and money.

Michael is a Kenyan blockchain enthusiast, data wrangler and entrepreneur based in Nairobi. Michael has advised numerous Africa-focused blockchain projects and is currently co-founder at airtime digital money marketplace, Fonbnk, where he spearheads growth for African markets.

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