3: What Is A Startup?

3: What Is A Startup?

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The word “startup” is often used loosely in the world of tech, and frequently worn as a badge of honour by individuals and organisations who aspire to the glamour commonly associated with modern-day entrepreneurship.

In this week’s podcast, Tefo Mohapi and Andile Masuku attempt to pin down a definition for the term and determine what business ventures qualify to be classified as startups. Our discussion is inspired by an article by David Adamo Jr — a Nigerian Computer Science PhD student at the University of North Texas, entitled “What is a startup?”.

You can also expect a concise run-down of the week’s tech, digital and innovation highlights:

  • News regarding an alleged internet shut-down by the Burundian government to quell political protests,
  • The low-low on the assisted acquisition of Nigeria’s Jobberman and Kenya’s BrighterMonday by One Africa Media,
  • A word on the Malawian government’s move to develop digital payment payment services,
  • A glance at recent research into mobile handset habits of Nigerian blue collar workers,
  • The latest on how US rapper and business mogul Jay Z’s struggling music streaming service– Tidal, is desperately attempting to gain traction by courting Nigerian musical talent, and