ATRUC S2 EP2: Convening 'Blockchain Africa' proponents with Sonya Kuhnel

Convening Africa-focused blockchain tech ecosystem participants for live events for eight odd years can help shape unique perspectives about Africa's Web3 trajectory. Bitcoin Events Co-founder Sonya Kuhnel unpacks.

ATRUC S2 EP2: Convening 'Blockchain Africa' proponents with Sonya Kuhnel

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This African Tech Conversations episode features Sonya Kuhnel. In 2014, Sonya co-founded Bitcoin Events, a company that hosts some of South Africa's leading cryptocurrency and blockchain events - not least, the annual Blockchain Africa Conference. Sonya is also the Co-founder at Xago, a startup offering an XRP cryptocurrency exchange, gateway and payment platform built on the Ripple blockchain.

In this conversation, Musa Kalenga invites Sonya to leverage her enviable ecosystem vantage point and live in-trench experience to reflect on how the continent's blockchain tech landscape is shaping up and offer a sense of how Web3 adoption is emerging in different African markets.

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