6: Bitcoin and the Blockchain: Worth Embracing?

6: Bitcoin and the Blockchain: Worth Embracing?

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There seems to be three prevailing views on Bitcoin and the blockchain:

  1. That it's a scam,
  2. It's one of the most fascinating technological developments of the decade, and
  3. It's just another tech fad that's not worth trying to grasp, nevermind fussing over.

View number three is probably held by the vast majority of people on the continent. This week, Tefo Mohapi and Andile Masuku will try and establish whether the hype around bitcoin and the various useful applications of the blockchain (which Africa has so far not embraced as enthusiastically as other parts of the world) is justified.

Despite Wall Street's gradual warming to bitcoin, and companies like Kenya's BitPesa building clever service offerings on the back of Bitcoin, it remains to be seen whether Bitcoin will go on to be widely accepted worldwide as a trusted measure of value, and whether the blockchain will be used as a platform for future technological innovation.

We've decided to make featuring listeners' comments a permanent part of the show, and so this week we share comments made in response to last week's debate: "Open Source vs. Proprietary Software: What is Best For Africa?"

As always, you can also expect all the week’s most important tech, digital and innovation news:

  • Discover why there's an outcry over South Africa's recently-announced aerial drone laws,
  • Get details on Automattic's acquisition of WooThemes,
  • Learn more about the MTN South Africa workers' strike that saw 2,000 people down tools, and
  • Find out which African country Kenya's BitPesa is expanding into.