Do The Right Thing With Mteto Nyati

Do The Right Thing With Mteto Nyati

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Mteto Nyati is no stranger to playing ball at the highest levels in Africa’s corporate scene. His resume is pretty impressive.

Studying at Yale, executive posts and directorships at companies like IBM, Enablis and Blue Label, to name some, and even being Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa for several years makes him anything but your average corporate animal.

In his current role as CEO (Chief Enterprise Officer) for the MTN Group,

Mteto continues to live up to his totem-- Nyati, which is Xhosa for “buffalo”, by bullishly challenging the status quo and lending his unique brand of "change-making" to a mobile telecoms business that is ripe for disruption.

In this laid-back chat, Mteto unpacks his plans to change "how MTN makes money" and shares how "planning accordingly" makes it possible to overcome the ongoing marginalisation of women and non-whites within corporate.

Enjoy the conversation.