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Joining Andile Masuku and guest co-host, Vije Vijendranath, for this episode of the African Tech Roundup podcast is Kenyan repat, founder of Impact Africa Network and host of the Chini ya Maji Podcast, Mark Karake.

Following professional stints in Silicon Valley, working for the likes of Google, TrustArc and Oracle, Mark decided to return to his native Kenya in March 2018 to get involved in early-stage startup acceleration and investment activities in Nairobi.

In this show, Andile, Vije and Mark will unpack three weighty questions:

1) What is behind the new wave of banking currently sweeping South Africa? [18:28]

2) Is the African Union's decision to maintain Huawei's preferred partnership status well-advised? [47:07]

3) What are the critical, yet not-so-obvious grassroots issues in Nairobi's early-stage startup ecosystem that must be seen to if a sturdy pipeline of local investible prospects is to be built? [59:10]

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Chini ya Maji Podcast by Impact Africa Network

Image credit: Shalom Mwenesi