Learning From Failure With Trevor Wolfe

Learning From Failure With Trevor Wolfe

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A short while ago, we sat Trevor Wolfe down for a quiet chat.

Trevor is Managing Director of crowdsourcing company Springleap. We found out how this achievement-oriented, American millennial has managed to pack a huge amount of valuable business experience into the last decade or so -- often shunning lucrative employment opportunities with established big name firms in favour of the more difficult, less-travelled road of entrepreneurship.

In this, the first of our African Tech Conversations series, Trevor walks us through the graveyard of his past experiences as a strategic resource to several startup ventures -- pointing out where "bodies are buried", and sharing what he's learned from each set back.

He also shares some fascinating insights into the global trend towards crowdsourcing, and how Springleap went from selling t-shirts to becoming the impressive crowdsourcing platform it is today.

Listen right through to the end to hear why he's chosen to live and work in Africa and whether he thinks Johannesburg is cooler than Cape Town.