UNAJUA S10 EP1: Why DAO? feat. Justin Irabor

Nigerian developer Justin Irabor believes that DAOs can and should be leveraged to mine considerable value on the Web in unprecedented ways.

UNAJUA S10 EP1: Why DAO? feat. Justin Irabor

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This is the first episode of a three-part UNAJUA series that explains how Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) work.

Nigerian creator, scientist, and knowledge worker Justin Irabor presents the series. ‌‌On this podcast, Justin tackles the question, Why DAO? by offering reasons why anyone intent on building valuable things on the Web would do well to lean into the decentralised autonomous organisation trend.

Now, the last five years have seen Justin go from being a content writer to working as a performance marketer, then on to becoming a director of growth at Eden Life, and eventually morphing into a full-stack web developer a la Lambda School. When Justin isn't posting viral hot-takes on Twitter and writing widely-read think pieces, he works as a dev at the Serbian platform-as-a-service provider, TradeCore—where he's helping to build next-generation banking and investment products.

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