UNAJUA S11 EP2: Crypto as a personal investment opportunity? feat. Hope Ditlhakanyane and Nzwisisa Chidembo

Hope Ditlhakanyane and Nzwisisa Chidembo set out straightforward ways everyday Africans might approach investing in crypto.

UNAJUA S11 EP2: Crypto as a personal investment opportunity? feat. Hope Ditlhakanyane and Nzwisisa Chidembo

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This is the second episode of a three-part UNAJUA Series focused on the Blockchain Africa investment opportunity, featuring the passionate South African venture capitalist Hope Ditlhakanyane and seasoned Zimbabwean venture builder Nzwisisa Chidembo.

In their respective roles at hybrid investor, venture builder and accelerator company, Founders Factory Africa, Hope and Nzwi have recently collaborated to facilitate VC investment in two promising African blockchain tech startups. Nzwi was an early adopter of Bitcoin and other blockchain applications on the private investment side of things. He now has a growing personal portfolio of blockchain investments. Meanwhile, Hope is a confessed late-joiner to the space both as a private and corporate investor. But, she's keenly making up for the lost time by finessing smart blockchain investments in her personal capacity while refining her playbook for backing the space as an institutional VC.

So, is there a helpful framework for thinking about crypto as a personal investment opportunity? Listen in to hear Nzwi and Hope offer some pointers.

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