UNAJUA S3 EP2: Does Brachiaria trump Napier grass? feat. Mwihaki Mundia

Kenyan climate advocate Mwihaki Mundia offers views on which climates and soil types Brachiaria grasses are well-suited for.

UNAJUA S3 EP2: Does Brachiaria trump Napier grass? feat. Mwihaki Mundia
Photo by Anja de Necker / Unsplash

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On this instalment, Mwihaki Mundia argues that Brachiaria grass is well-suited for Sub-Saharan African livestock farming and unpacks which climates and soil types are best suited to grow the indigenous fodder.

Mwihaki Mundia is a Communications Specialist currently working at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Nairobi where she advocates for different technologies that improve smallholder farmers’ livelihoods in the Africa region.

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