UNAJUA S7 EP1: Will blockchain-enabled fintech disrupt the global financial system? feat. Ronit Ghose

Blockchain-enabled fintech solutions are on the rise. Citi Group's Ronit Ghose factors in on how the trend towards a more inclusive, decentralised financial services landscape will impact the global financial system.

UNAJUA S7 EP1: Will blockchain-enabled fintech disrupt the global financial system? feat. Ronit Ghose
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP / Unsplash

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This opening episode of a crypto-themed UNAJUA Series featuring Ronit Ghose takes a close look at how blockchain tech is (re)shaping the global financial services industry.

In this podcast, Ronit answers the question, Will blockchain-enabled fintech solutions disrupt incumbent financial institutions? He'll speak to some of the most significant geopolitical policy shifts shaping how incumbent financial institutions are thinking about blockchain tech adoption/deployment and cite some of the more notable experiments, pilots, and policy work happening around Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

Ronit Ghose is the Global Head of Banking, Fintech and Digital Assets for Citi Global Insights (Citi Group). Ronit is also the lead author of the Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions (Citi GPS) insights platform. He advises Pan-African VC, Launch Africa Ventures and talent search startup Remotexec, and sits on the advisory board of the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE).

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