2: Does Diversity Matter?

2: Does Diversity Matter?

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It’s Monday!

Be sure to listen right through to the end of this week’s African Tech Round-up podcast to hear Tefo Mohapi and Andile Masuku debate the role of diversity in Africa’s tech industry– and business in general. We pose the question, does nurturing diversity enhance productivity and contribute to business success?

You can also expect a run-down of the week’s most important tech, digital and innovation news:

  • an update on progress being made by iAfrikan's Report Xenophobia Initiative
  • details on which African country Facebook’s Internet.org app will be rolling out into next,
  • more on the latest tech firm to seek delisting from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • a warm farewell to South Africa’s largest e-commerce brand,
  • a look into whether or not the vinyl record is making a bold comeback, and
  • the low-low on an initiative that will allow South Africa’s business elite “experience homelessness" for one night.